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Had a 7mm Rem Mag a long time back as well as bullet I liked best in it was the 160gr Speer Very hot core. I attempted lighter bullet's and found the have been best at destroying more meat than I wanted.

I haven't completely completed load growth but thus far I'm acquiring 3400 fps. Gonna Participate in with seating depth just a bit to check out if I'm able to tighten my teams up, I'n getting correct at one MOA. Click to increase...

With a muzzle velocity of about three,000 toes for every next, these 7mm Remington Magnum hunting rounds make flat trajectories, large knockdown power, and regularly accurate hits on target.

James Willmus Born right into a hunting loved ones, taught the fundamentals of shooting and hunting by aged-college mentors. James has become rising from People foundations to become a western hunter with a minimalist mentality.

Hornady American Whitetail 7mm Magnum Ammo is loaded to standard velocities for awesome accuracy that is compatible with semi-automatics. These 7mm Magnum rounds use high quality cases and primers for reputable shooting from the field. Continue to keep an enough quantity of ammo with your safe and effective range bag to often have rounds on hand for in the event the hunting season will come around. Buy Hornady American Whitetail 7mm Magnum 154gr InterLock SP Ammunition to have bullets that are accurate, dependable, and generally trusted.

With most bullets 2000FPS is what I’d evaluate the limit for dependable enlargement especially with mono bullets. The hammers operate underneath that as do other lead core bullets but 2000FPS is a reasonably dependable expansion velocity limit.

My most loved elk load for my 7mm RM is often a one hundred sixty grain Nosler in addition to a fairly stiff load of IMR7828. In my rifle each the Partition and AccuBond were being pleasingly accurate.

In the above picture we see an illustration with the magnitude of the five hundred S&W Magnum in this “law enforcement lineup” straight from the source of common handgun cartridges. From left to correct Now we have:

For rifle hunters, some cartridges became legends. A single of these legends will be the 7mm Remington Magnum, a longtime preferred of western significant game hunters in North The united states. This powerful, flat shooting cartridge has taken all types of massive game animal over the continent, even major bears!

Released in 2003, this cartridge remains the most powerful for handgun purposes, and it’s hard to understand seeking For additional!

This makes the 7mm Rem Mag an ideal cartridge for taking large game in North The usa. All the things from a pronghorn to the moose might be easily killed with a 7mm.

“The only hunters who don’t Imagine a .223 will kill a deer are Individuals that haven’t shot a deer with a .223.” People words and phrases of knowledge have been uttered by a buddy of mine on the mobile phone call some several years again while speaking about our favourite whitetail rounds—And that i couldn’t concur extra with the sentiment.

I shot the 168 gr bergers for awhile they shot wonderful but at some time they where acquiring alot of challenges making them and you may not get them so I went again towards the 160 gr Accubonds they shoot sub moa for me out to 1000 yards

Considering the fact that they tweaked the backpacks It is really made it a great deal simpler to carry additional things without as well much of a penalty (the small backpack).

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